You’ve more than likely heard that every part of your body has its role time and time again. The statement is something that we all hear and all know, but what you may not realize is that something like a deviated septum can impact more than your breathing or how often you get migraines. A deviated septum or any septoplasty procedure can have an impact on weight gain and weight loss.

Whether you were born with a deviated septum or you were injured at some point, understanding how it impacts your daily life can directly change how you experience various normal situations.


It is often caused by an injury but one may also be born with one, a deviated septum occurs when one side of your nasal septum is severely displaced. This makes one nasal air passage smaller than the other and can lead to things such as nosebleeds, congested breathing, and irritation or swelling of the nasal passages. This may also cause you to snore during periods of sleep, experience migraines more often, and be more prone to sinus infections. Deviated Septum

A deviated septum can be treated with a septoplasty surgical procedure that corrects the deviation and assists in straightening out your septum. This is typically performed as an outpatient procedure either in a doctor’s office or an outpatient surgical center with minimal recovery time needed.


There are many hindrances a deviated septum can cause, most of which can go untreated. However, these disadvantages can lead to more than an annoyance if left untreated and the blockage or displacement is severe enough. More issues and symptoms you may face are as follows:

  • Crusting or bleeding
  • Sleep apnea
  • Postnasal drip
  • Difficulty breathing on one or both sides of your nose
  • Constant discomfort or pain within your face

After a while, dealing with these symptoms can feel draining, a little overwhelming, and decrease your overall quality of life. From impairing your daily schedule to experiencing unexpected weight gain, as a result, dealing with unwanted symptoms can be stressful.

So, how does the way we breathe impact how much we weigh, and can you use something like repairing a deviated septum to lose weight? The simple answer is yes. By seeking out treatment and correcting the nasal septum imbalance, you can use the correction to regain control of your weight and prevent future symptoms from becoming a nuisance to your daily life. You don’t have to continue living in discomfort.


It may sound unrealistic, but when you’re dealing with a deviated septum, your symptoms from it could cause irregular patterns in small parts of your life that disrupt your overall comfort and impair your attempts at balancing out your weight.

Things like a change in sleeping patterns due to having a difficult time breathing through one side of your nasal passages can lead to heavier snoring, which can cause an interruption in your sleep schedule by waking you up more frequently. This can also limit your body’s ability to take in much-needed oxygen and lower your O2 levels from the 90%-100% range they need to be in.

Due to the lack of sleep, you may experience things like:

  • Your metabolism slowing down
  • A decrease in energy levels and an increase in the desire to eat more snacks with carbs and calories more frequently to try to make up for that lack of energy.
  • Lack of motivation caused by exhaustion
  • Low or depressive moods that decrease your mental capacity and desire to handle situations
  • An overall feeling of crumminess

However, seeking out treatment for your deviated septum can drastically change these negative experiences you may be going through. You can correct the deviation and find a strong foundation in losing weight with your regained energy.


Septoplasty surgery is not a replacement for leading a healthy lifestyle, but it does have a direct correlation in assisting impaired sleep schedules and helping prevent weight gain that’s caused due to a deviated septum. By correcting the displaced septum, you can improve your sleep schedule and help your metabolism return to its normal speed, which can assist with random cravings for extra snacks or meals throughout the day. You may also notice a shift in your energy levels, which could encourage you to pursue more physical opportunities that help you lose weight.

In addition, you may also see a decrease in your weight as the swelling of tissues goes down due to the potential inflammation caused by your deviated septum. Since burning fat in your face and neck can be difficult to alleviate and create noticeable differences through exercises, this procedure can reduce the inflammation and in your throat and face, which can help improve your ability to breathe. socal woman running for exercise

By correcting the deviation, you may be able to increase your quality of sleep, decrease the frequency of nosebleeds, improve your breathing patterns and combat other stressful symptoms. All of this combined can improve your energy levels, inflate and encourage weight loss, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


You don’t have to continue suffering from irregular sleep patterns, constant sinus issues, and dealing with unwanted symptoms caused by a deviated septum. Reach out to a professional today to learn how you can take the steps towards correct your deviation and the many ways it can improve your quality of life.

To learn more about how a deviated septum directly impacts your day-to-day lifestyle, can alter more than your breathing patterns, and how you can use it to lose weight contact us today. Dr. Alen Cohen at Southern California Sinus Institute can assist you in understanding your condition and help create a treatment plan that could offer you some relief. We look forward to helping you meet your weight goals as well as resolving any symptoms you may be experiencing due to a deviated septum.