Environmental Allergies

Environmental Allergies Los Angeles Allergies caused by the environment are particularly prevalent in Southern California. With warm weather, plants and flowers are in bloom year-round, making pollen a staple in the air we breathe. In addition to allergies to pollen, at the Southern California Sinus Institute, Dr. Cohen routinely treats patients suffering from allergies to other airborne elements including mold, animal dander, and dust. When patients are allergic to an environmental element, the tissues and membranes within the nose and sinuses become irritated and swollen resulting in a narrowing of the nasal passageway, and a feeling of congestion. This condition is known as allergic rhinitis. Allergies are the result of an overreaction of the body’s immune system to an element it perceives as toxic. Upon entering the nose and the sinuses, the allergens (dust, pollen, grass, weeds, molds, etc.) cause the body to release certain chemicals (histamine and leukotrienes in particular) thereby igniting an “allergic reaction.”

Environmental Allergy Symptoms

An allergy to environmental elements will produce symptoms including sneezing, watery eyes, red eyes, itchy nose, scratchy throat, puffy eyes, post nasal drip, and often sinus pain or pressure. Unfortunately, because the environmental allergens irritate the delicate passages of the sinuses, allergies often lead to recurring sinus infections or ear infections. In extreme cases, patients may develop asthma as a result of environmental allergies.

Treating Environmental Allergies in Southern California

In order to treat environmental allergies, Dr. Alen Cohen, Southern California’s leading ENT and sinus surgeon will first diagnose your allergies, and work to identify the specific allergens, via allergy testing. Then a treatment program can be designed

Los Angeles Environmental Allergies

The first course of treatment is often to reduce exposure to the allergens. This may involve using air conditioning versus having open windows, regularly washing bedding and household items in hot water, and installing HEPA filters in your home. If the reduction of exposure does not alleviate your symptoms, Dr. Cohen will likely prescribe medical treatment which involves antihistamine medications and occasionally intranasal steroid sprays. In severe cases of environmental allergies, Dr. Cohen may institute allergy shot treatment.

Dr. Cohen, founder of the Southern California Sinus Institute has helped thousands of patients throughout greater Los Angeles to get a reprieve from environmental allergies.

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