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Nose & Sinus Polyps

Sinus Polyps Treatment and Its Effectiveness

Nasal or sinus polyps are growths that appear within the nose typically near the area where the sinuses are opened into the nasal cavity. For many patients seen as the Southern California Sinus Institute, nasal polyps cause no problems. However, larger polyps can cause obstruction, leading to frequent congestion. Diagram of Nasal Polyps

Dr. Cohen’s patients who suffer from nasal polyps also often report frequent sinus infections and difficulty with allergies. Furthermore, many patients seen at the Southern California Sinus Institute have additional symptoms including:

  • Nasal obstruction & congestion
  • Facial pain
  • Runny nose
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Postnasal drip
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Decreased sense of taste
  • Itchy eyes

In some cases, patients seen by Los Angeles’ best sinus surgeon develop symptoms associated with asthma as a result of the nasal polyps. These symptoms may include sensitivity to fumes, dust, odors, and some chemicals. They may also begin wheezing and suffering from chronic sinusitis.

If you suspect that you may have nasal or sinus polyps it is important that you be seen at the Southern California Sinus Institute. In some cases, the occurrence of nasal and sinus polyps may lead to more serious conditions.

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