Sinus Problem

What Is the Best Possible Treatment for a Sinus Problem?

If your sinus problems are causing breathing difficulties, pain, or extreme and persistent discomfort, it’s time to see an ENT or sinus specialist for relief. You may have what’s known as chronic sinusitis, a form of sinusitis that affects millions of adults every year. Sinusitis is very common. However, many ...
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Balloon Sinuplasty Los Angeles

Who Is a Good Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty?

If you're one of the many impacted by chronic sinusitis and in search of alternative treatment options, it might be time for you to consider balloon sinuplasty. It’s one of the most effective and fastest treatments for sinusitis. But it’s not suitable for everyone. Continue reading to learn who’s a ...
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Recurring Sinus Infections

How To Treat Recurring Sinus Infections

Recurring sinus infections are common, extremely painful, and challenging to prevent or without accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. For many, it’s easy to fall prey to the false sense of security with disappearing symptoms only to end up shocked and dismayed when they return ...
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Causes of Sinusitis

5 of The Most Common Causes of Sinusitis

If you've ever experienced a sinus infection or inflammation, then you are probably no stranger to how painful, stressful, and uncomfortable the symptoms can make you feel. It’s quite normal to develop a sinus infection or experience sinus-related symptoms occasionally. But if you're the lucky 1 out of every 7 ...
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nasal congestion

How Can I Tell If I Have Nasal Congestion?

An occasional stuffy or runny nose is normally no cause for concern, but how do you know if your discomfort is due to nasal congestion? Typically, nasal congestion is a sign of inflammation or swollen and irritated nasal tissues that often occurs after an illness. But there are circumstances where ...
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Sinus Headache or Migraine

Sinus Headache or Migraine?

Headaches are to be expected, and some people are more prone to them than others. But sometimes, headaches are a sign of something more serious. Everyone experiences head pain, including infants and children. But when headaches become severe or chronic, you may need to see a Southern California ENT expert ...
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