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Award winning Dr. Alen Cohen has been consistently regarded as one of the best nose and sinus doctors in all of Los Angeles and the physician that other doctors will send their friends and family to. Dr. Cohen has been recognized as a Los Angeles Magazine Super Doctor since 2013 and a Castle-Connolly Nationally Recognized Nose and Sinus Surgeon since 2017.

He is Founder and Director of The Southern California Sinus Institute, a nationally recognized sinus center of excellence, which serves the greater Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County areas.

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Why Do You Need A Sinus Doctor?

Sinus infections often strike without warning and can make life quite miserable. Normally, a little rest and self-care are all that’s needed for the symptoms to clear up. But, if you frequently experience nasal congestion, headaches, facial pain or pressure or other sinus infection symptoms that never really seem to go away, it’s time to see a sinus doctor for diagnosis and relief.

Nasal and Sinus<br />
Treatments and Surgeries Los Angeles, CA

Nasal and Sinus
Treatments and Surgeries

Breathing through a stuffy or blocked nose and dealing with nasal congestion, pain, and inflammation can make anyone miserable. These symptoms can make daily life quite challenging and without proper care, lead to more frequent and serious infections and other medical conditions.

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty Los Angeles

Balloon Sinuplasty

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that Dr. Cohen routinely performs on patients suffering from sinus-related pain, congestion, or discomfort to quickly alleviate their discomfort so they can breathe freely.

Deviated Septum Repair<br />
(Septoplasty) Los Angeles, CA

Deviated Septum Repair

Dr. Cohen routinely corrects septal abnormalities with deviated septum repair surgery, also known as septoplasty. Most people have some mild or severe defects or structural abnormalities to the wall separating their nostrils (aka septum).

Award-Winning Surgeon

Why Choose to Work With Dr. Cohen

As a world-wide leader in the care of nose and sinus issues, Dr. Cohen runs a well-established and known Balloon Sinus Center of Excellence since 2009. Dr. Cohen and his team provide on-site Peer-to-Peer Education training to physicians with a successful history of transitioning patients from inpatient hospital surgeries to in-office sinusitis treatment.

  • Awarded Best Sinus Surgeon in LA
  • Board Certified Nose, Sinus, Head & Neck Surgeon
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Sinus Center of Excellence

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