chronic sinusitis

Causes of Chronic Sinusitis

Acute sinus infections are very common, and often confused as the common cold or flu by some people. They both have similar symptoms that can take up to one to three weeks to go away.  Symptoms that persist longer than that and reappear indicate that chronic sinusitis may be to ...
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types of sinusitis

Types of Sinusitis

Have you ever developed a runny nose, red and puffy eyes, or experienced throbbing headaches that keep coming back? Do your symptoms seem to disappear, only for you to wake up several days to weeks later with a nose so stuffy and congested that you find it hard to rest ...
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sinusitis symptoms

Chronic Sinusitis Symptoms

Acute sinusitis or inflammation of the nasal and sinus passages that lasts 12 weeks or longer is called chronic sinusitis. Inside of the nose are sinus cavities that are lined with a thin mucus membrane called respiratory epithelium that filters germs, dust, bacteria, pollen, fungi, and other particles and substances ...
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dangers of sinusitis and sinus infections

The Dangers of Sinusitis and Sinus Infections

If you experience a stuffy or runny nose, headaches, or facial pressure more often than not, you may be suffering from a sinus infection or inflammation that requires immediate attention. Millions of people experience sinus infections (sinusitis) at some point in their lives. Most cases go away on their own ...
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Does Chronic Sinusitis Ever Go Away?

You know the pain. There isn't anything as painful as a sinus infection, and when you have chronic sinusitis, it seems like the pain will never end.  You work with your doctor to try and minimize the symptoms while fighting the infection, but there seems like there’s no relief in ...
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nasal polyps

Breathing Problems Due to Nasal Polyps

It can be scary when you can't breathe easily. If your nose seems to be constantly stopped up, you may find yourself gasping for air or forced to constantly breathe through your mouth. It might be that you're suffering from a common cold, sinus infection, or nasal polyps. When you ...
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