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SoCal Turbinate Reduction Recovery

How Long Does It Take for Turbinate Reduction to Heal?

For people who have chronic congestion, chronic sinus infections, chronic mouth breathing/snoring and/or chronic nosebleeds that don't respond well to other treatments, something called turbinate reduction may be the best option. Turbinate reduction or trubinoplasty, which is really an umbrella term for a few different procedures, aims to open up ...
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nose bleed from deviated septum

A Guide On Deviated Septum– Deviated Septum FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Deviated Septum What is a deviated septum? A deviated septum is a condition that impacts the nasal septum and affects our breathing. Our nasal septum is the dividing wall between the left and right sides of our nose and is made of bone and cartilage. In ...
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Maxillary Sinusitis Diagnosis

What is a Maxillary Sinus Retention Cyst?

A maxillary sinus retention cyst is a lesion that develops on the inside of the wall of the maxillary sinus. They are often dome-shaped, soft masses that usually develop on the bottom of the maxillary sinus. Fortunately, a retention cyst of the maxillary sinus is a benign lesion, or non-cancerous ...
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balloon sinoplasty procedure

What to Expect With In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Do you have a stuffy nose, pain and pressure in the face, and what feels like a cold that doesn’t go away for months? You may have chronic sinusitis (sinus infection / inflammation), a common condition experienced by many people in the Los Angeles area. What Causes Sinusitis? Your sinuses ...
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A woman blowing her nose at the doctor

Nasal Obstruction After Septoplasty

If you have persistent nasal obstruction after septoplasty (deviated septum repair), you’re not alone. But what causes this frustrating and uncomfortable problem? A deviated septum is a very common condition that happens when the wall of narrow bone and cartilage in your nose becomes misaligned from its normal position. It ...
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What to Expect with In-Office Septoplasty

Your nasal cavity is divided into two sides by the nasal septum, a thin wall of narrow bone and cartilage. Fairly commonly, this septum can become “deviated” or misaligned from its normal position. A deviated septum can result from injury, such as a broken nose, or it may be present ...
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