nasal congestion

How Can I Tell If I Have Nasal Congestion?

An occasional stuffy or runny nose is normally no cause for concern, but how do you know if your discomfort is due to nasal congestion? Typically, nasal congestion is a sign of inflammation or swollen and irritated nasal tissues that often occurs after an illness. But there are circumstances where ...
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Sinus Headache or Migraine

Sinus Headache or Migraine?

Headaches are to be expected, and some people are more prone to them than others. But sometimes, headaches are a sign of something more serious. Everyone experiences head pain, including infants and children. But when headaches become severe or chronic, you may need to see a Southern California ENT expert ...
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Turbinate Reduction

How Long Does It Take for Turbinate Reduction to Heal?

Turbinate reduction surgery is a standard procedure for individuals suffering from chronic nasal congestion and blocked nostrils. Inside the nose are three sets of turbinates (inferior, middle, and superior) characterized according to their location. These structures are made of small bone and covered by soft tissue and mucosa called respiratory ...
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Success Rate of Turbinate Reduction

The Success Rate of Turbinate Reduction Procedures

Inside your nose are six filter-like shelves, known as turbinates (aka nasal conchae) that help filter, moisturize and humidify the air every time you inhale or take a breath. As such nasal congestion or blockages are often the outcome when these filters are exposed to toxins, irritants, allergens, and dust ...
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sinuplasty recovery

Sinuplasty Recovery Tips

Sinuplasty is a quick and minimally invasive way to treat recurrent sinus infections, chronic sinusitis, daily sinus headaches and chronic nasal congestion. Though the procedure is very safe and effective, there are some things patients should and shouldn’t do to prevent complications that can interfere with their sinuplasty recovery and ...
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Effects of Balloon Sinuplasty

The Potential Long-Term Side Effects of Balloon Sinuplasty

Effects of Balloon Sinuplasty At any given moment, you could wake up with a sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, and head or facial pain due to having an acute sinus infection. That might not seem like anything to worry about, especially if you plan to rely on some over-the-counter ...
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