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What are the Risks of Balloon Sinuplasty?

More patients are being asked about the risks associated with balloon sinuplasty, as more patients finding results with this procedure. One of the biggest questions and concerns specialists are receiving is the risks of balloon sinuplasty and knowing what they are. No matter how successful, all medical procedures come with ...
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Is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe?

Studies show that sinusitis affects about 30 million adults every year in the United States alone. Its impact in the economy is so huge that it receives a broad research focus. Due to the vast amounts of research conducted on sinusitis, we now know how to treat it and reduce ...
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Congestion After Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction

Experiencing congestion after a procedure that was initially done to reduce congestion can be quite frustrating. Not only can it feel a little disheartening, but it can make you question whether your septoplasty procedure or turbinate reduction was worth it to begin with. Don't fret, this is quite common and ...
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Enlarged Turbinate and Deviated Septum

Experiencing nasal congestion all the time can become frustrating when you're experiencing it around the clock. There's nothing fun about feeling stuffy or like you're not getting enough oxygen when you try to breathe. For some, it's as simple as sinus issues, for others it can be enlarged turbinates, and ...
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Dry Throat and Septoplasty: Is It a Concern?

It is not unusual to have trouble breathing from time to time because of a clogged nose. However, when this breathing difficulty becomes a daily battle, individuals start looking for solutions to this stressful problem. Fortunately, for many, this situation can be fixed through a procedure known as septoplasty. Yet, ...
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What Does a Deviated Septum Have to Do with Weight Loss and How I Feel?

You've more than likely heard that every part of your body has its role time and time again. The statement is something that we all hear and all know, but what you may not realize is that something like a deviated septum can impact more than your breathing or how ...
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