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Enlarged Turbinate and Deviated Septum

Experiencing nasal congestion all the time can become frustrating when you're experiencing it around the clock. There's nothing fun about feeling stuffy or like you're not getting enough oxygen when you try to breathe. For some, it's as simple as sinus issues, for others it can be enlarged turbinates, and ...
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socal man with sore throat

Dry Throat and Septoplasty: Is It a Concern?

It is not unusual to have trouble breathing from time to time because of a clogged nose. However, when this breathing difficulty becomes a daily battle, individuals start looking for solutions to this stressful problem. Fortunately, for many, this situation can be fixed through a procedure known as septoplasty. Yet, ...
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What Does a Deviated Septum Have to Do with Weight Loss and How I Feel?

You've more than likely heard that every part of your body has its role time and time again. The statement is something that we all hear and all know, but what you may not realize is that something like a deviated septum can impact more than your breathing or how ...
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socal breathing easy after surgery

Sinus Surgery: Causes, Types, Post-Operative Care, and Why Avoid Alcohol

Sinus Surgery: Causes, Types, Post-Operative Care, and Why Avoid Alcohol Sinuses refer to the cavities inside your skull. They are situated around the nose and eyes and the front of the face. Most people have eight sinus cavities which extend to behind the forehead. These cavities help make your skull ...
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socal sleeping after septoplasty

How to Sleep After Septoplasty

A deviated septum can cause a lifetime of annoying and often painful problems with breathing through the nose and sinus problems. People are sometimes born with a deviated septum, or it happens because of an injury, and it causes problems including sinusitis, nasal congestion and loud snoring. Often, surgery is ...
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SoCal Turbinate Reduction Recovery

How Long Does It Take for Turbinate Reduction to Heal?

For people who have chronic congestion, chronic sinus infections, chronic mouth breathing/snoring and/or chronic nosebleeds that don't respond well to other treatments, something called turbinate reduction may be the best option. Turbinate reduction or trubinoplasty, which is really an umbrella term for a few different procedures, aims to open up ...
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