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I am so thankful to have Dr.Cohen as my doctor

I was referred to Dr.Cohen by my regular doctor. I had about one year of major sinus issues, sinus infections and bad colds. I made an appointment to see Dr.Cohen. Everyone in the office was super nice and friendly. It was apparent after talking to Dr.Cohen for a few minutes at my first visit that he was very knowledgeable. He ran a test and looked at my nose. He did let me know that I was going to need sinus surgery. After we waited a bit and he gave antibiotics to clear up an infection and then we scheduled surgery. Dr.Cohen was quick about scheduling surgery.

I appreciated that because I was very miserable. I was able to schedule surgery within the month of the second visit. I had actually only seen Dr.Cohen less then two months before I went in for surgery. The important thing is Dr.Cohen really explained all my issues I was having to me so that I really understood what was going on. I ended up having sinus and deviated septum surgery. On the day of surgery I was really nervous. I was impressed that he visited me in preop. Before, I knew it the surgery was done. I saw Dr.Cohen the next day. He told me that I would notice seeing a difference within two weeks. I noticed that day I had surgery. I could finally breathe and feel better. I was also impressed that he scheduled visits for two weeks after surgery and then a month after and 6 months.

The good news was that the last visit my nose is healing and all is well and I do not have to see him for 6 months. It has only been two months since my surgery but I feel 1000 times better then I did before. I am so thankful to have Dr.Cohen as my doctor as well as surgeon. I can sleep better at night because of him. I can breathe better. I am feeling so much better. This surgery was one of the best things that has happened to me. I actually had a cold a few weeks ago and the cold only lasted 3 or 4 days and I was used to colds lasting two weeks or longer. I would highly recommend Dr.Cohen and so thankful that he did my surgery and the outcome I experienced.

Jennie G.

Friendly and Professional Sinus Surgeon

I’ve been seeing Dr. Cohen for years and trust his skills and judgement. He recommended two in-office procedures to improve my breathing — Balloon Sinuplasty and Turbinate Reduction. He performed the procedures a couple of weeks ago and I am astonished to say it has been LIFE CHANGING. I can breathe — really breathe. I’d been stopped up for so long I’d forgotten what it was like to breathe. I sleep the night through. I wake up hours earlier feeling refreshed. I have more energy. My wife says I’ve stopped snoring. My color is better. Wow.

I was in and out in less than two hours with no pain and only minor discomfort. Everyone involved was friendly and professional. The very first evening I could breath through my nose and it’s gotten better every day since then. My only mistake was waiting too long to complain about my stuffiness. I should have done this years ago. I feel great.

Jonathan Z.

Highly Recommended Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure

Alen N. Cohen, F.A.C.S., is an exceptional board-certified ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon that has significantly improved my chronic sinus and nasal obstruction problems. Severe sinus headaches with acute internal allergic inflammation have degraded my quality of life for over 20 years. Several other ENT specialists have treated this very complex problem of nasal and sinus pathology without improvement. In contrast, Dr. Cohen has delivered results. He comprehensively evaluated my condition and then performed turbinate reduction surgery, balloon sinuplasty, a revision septoplasty and Minimally Invasive Image Guided Sinus Surgery (MIGSS)TM. These procedures have resulted in the ability to breathe without restriction through my nose, the alleviation of the sinus headaches and most importantly, the immediate and direct improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate. Dr. Cohen has significantly improved my quality of life and I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from similar conditions.

Previous treatments by other ENT specialists included nasal corticosteroid sprays: Rhinocort, Nasalide and Flonase, septoplasty surgery and turbinate reduction surgery. None of these previous treatments by others resulted in sustained improvement in my condition. After years of suffering and failed treatments, an extensive search was initiated for the best ENT specialist and surgeon in the country. Because of the severe impact on my quality of life, I was Willing to travel anywhere in the United States for treatment by the best surgeon that could be identified.

Tens of candidate surgeons within the United States were evaluated and Dr. Cohen was selected based on the following: 1.) Credentials. Dr. Cohen is a board-certified ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon and was educated at the highly respected David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. 2.) Technical knowledge. Dr. Cohen’s training is current with recent immersion in state-of-the-art surgical technology. He has developed the Minimally Invasive Image Guided Sinus Surgery (MIGSS)TM endoscopic surgery technology and has equipped his surgical facility with the latest equipment. 3.) Medical practice focus. Dr. Cohen has a passion to help patients with sinus problems and has focused his practice in this area. 4.) Experience. Dr. Cohen has successfully treated hundreds of patients. 5.) Communication ability. After a great deal of interaction with Dr. Cohen, it is clear that he really cares about helping people. He is a warm and friendly person that listens to you, hears your concerns and then applies the latest in medical science to address and improve your condition.

Dr. Cohen’s surgical facility is state-of-the-art, staffed by courteous medical professionals. I traveled from San Diego to West Hills, California for treatment. Dr. Cohen’s excellent staff members including Lupe and Linda facilitated the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and his team to anyone suffering from sinus and nasal problems.

Bruce P.

Dr. Cohen is an Excellent Sinus Surgeon!

I got caught in a 5 year chase with a fancy westside doctor and every herb concoction ever invented, (the things that have been up my nose!) after 5 parking tickets and an average wait time of 1 hour plus on the WESTSIDE, I in anger found Dr. Cohen who did what he said when he said how he said, and I am eternally greatfull!!! I was rotting from the inside out for 5 years and one month after seeing Dr. Cohen for the first time I can BREATHE.

It hurt, but not as much as the chronic everyday hell…and all pain was gone within one week…(TODAY) and no B.S. from the staff, easy parking, they arranged everything…he surgery center was awesome and I would highly reccommend to anyone living in the hell of chronic sinus environmental hell disorder to go see Doc Cohen and he’ll get ya straight…with no hassles…bye bye westside…service no longer means anything there…so sad…but is why the creme will rise to the top…thank you Dr. Cohen for saving my life…I do believe my infection would have killed me…

Chris L.

Amazing Sinus Doctor!

I went to Dr. Cohen 2 months ago for sinus headaches after a referral from my internist. She had tried all the nose sprays and pills and finally got a CAT scan and said I have chronic sinusitis. She said go see Dr. Cohen he is the best, my husband even had surgery by him. So I went to see him with high expectations and he fulfilled them all. Now he’s very to the point and tells you the issues and doesn’t beat around the bush. So he recommended surgery and I had it done 1 month ago. The first few days were a little rough but no pain just uncomfortable which is exactly what he said! Now no more headaches, I can breathe and no more being tired. I’m greatful to him and just can’t say enough about him. Thanks Dr. Cohen!


Great Sinus Surgeon!

I’ve been suffering with sinus headaches for years and could not breathe through my nose whatsoever. Went to Dr. Cohen after a referral from my allergist and after a 2 week wait got into see him. He’s super booked so there’s usually a wait to see him. I have to say though well worth the wait. He is very intelligent and answers all questions in detail. Had the surgery one month ago and after a tough first few days, I’ve never felt this good. Can breathe and no headaches and no sinus pressure. He is the best! From start to finish he explained everything and told me what to expect. Only issue is there’s a wait often too in the office, but a small price for such a good surgeon!


Best ENT!

Had sinus surgery by Dr. Cohen 2 weeks ago and although the first few days were rough I’m so happy now. Snoring is gone and can breather through my nose and no headaches. I love him!


Quick Service and Great Sinus Doctor!

I had my snoring treated in the office in 30 minutes and went back to work the same day, it was great!


Excellent Nasal Surgeon!

I went to see Dr. Cohen after a referral from my allergist in regards to my chronic sinus issues that were not improving on nasal sprays, antihistamines and even allergy shots. He said that he even went to Dr. Cohen for his own sinus surgery. He did the surgery in 1 hour with ‘image-guidance’ as he called it. I went home with no pain just some discomfort and was back at work 5 days later. My headaches are gone and I couldn’t be happier finally! He is the man in L.A. for surgery…

Brent J.

Dr. Cohen Cured My Snoring!

After multiple trials of dental devices and various pillows off the internet, I went to see Dr. Cohen for my snoring and he did this procedure called the “pillar implant procedure” and it worked great. It was an in-office procedure that only took 15 minutes to do and I had no pain afterwards. It’s not covered by insurance but worth every penny. My snoring was finally gone 2 months later and my wife was ecstatic. Thanks Dr. Cohen.


Highly Recommended Sinus Doctor!

Just went to Dr. Cohen for my severe allergies after a recommendation from my allergist to have sinus surgery. His office was packed but I guess when you’re as good as him there is a wait. I spoke to a woman who came from Bakersfield for her sinus surgery with him. Well I had sinus surgery too with him a month ago and it went great! I can breathe so much better, my snoring is gone and no more nasty boogers all the time. He is very courteous and professional and explains everything before going to surgery. I can’t say enough about him, so if you have sinus issues go see him!


The Best Nasal Doctor I’ve Ever Been To!

He performed my sinus surgery without pain and the recovery was so easy. No packing too, I was afraid of that. He is also very good at botox and fillers which I had done with him too.


Back To Work In A Week After Sinus Surgery!

I had sinus surgery with Dr. Cohen 3 weeks ago and could not be happier with the results. I can now breathe through my nose for the first time and my headaches are much less frequent. I had been putting off sinus surgery for years but just never felt right with the other surgeons. He reassured me that I’d be back at work in a week and I was. Pain was only the first few days and then just over the counter tylenol. He is very knowledgeable and even my allergist goes to him for his own stuff. So I’d say he is the best ENT or as he likes to be called Head & Neck Surgeon in L.A.!


Best Sinus Surgeon In Los Angeles!

I just had septoplaty and sinus surgery by Dr. Alen Cohen 3 weeks ago after suffering from recurrent sinus infections for years and chronic headaches. I can finally say my headaches are gone and I feel better than ever. The recovery was a little tough especially for the first 2 days but worth it to feel what I feel now. I drove down from Bakersfied to see Dr. Cohen. It was totally worth it and he is the best nose and sinus surgeon in Los Angeles and I have been too many…His number is 818-888-7878 if you need it!


Very Professional ENT!

My son Shane, fell and broke his nose and I was recommended to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Venner’s office. Shane was able to see Dr. Cohen that day. Dr. Cohen is very nice, accommodating and professional. My son was able to have his surgery the very next day, it hasn’t even been a week and he has very little pain and has had no bruising. I am so impressed with every aspect of this surgery and Dr. Cohen. His credentials are very impressive and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kathleen M.

Wonderful Nasal Surgeon!

saw Dr. Cohen for my snoring that has been bothersome to my boyfriend and all my friends whenever we go on trips for most of my life but getting worse as I’ve been getting older. He did a full evaluation on the first visit and recommended the pillar implant procedure. It was a simple in office procedure that took 30 minutes with no downtime. I was eating and drinking one hour later. Pain afterwards was minimal. I began to see results about 3 months later as he told me beforehand. Now my snoring is gone and I don’t even know the implants are in. Worth every dime and he is so dreamy and awesome. Thanks Dr. Cohen!


Dr. Cohen is a Top of the Line Doctor!

Dr. Cohen has my absolute recommendation and highest thanks. I immediately noticed his impeccability during our consultation, where he quickly and confidently pinpointed my exact issues and how to fix them. He determined my needs through a couple of simple tests and exams, ruling out allergies, and identifying the underlying physical cause of my sinus headaches and congestion. He concluded within moment’s time that I would need to have the balloon sinuplasty and a reduction of my inferior turbinates. He explained the simple procedure, making me feel comfortable with his caring attitude and his high ability. The surgery was scheduled the same week, fitting into my schedule perfectly. He made the setting relaxing for the operation, and told me what to expect and when, making the surgery fast and easy. I appreciate the fact that he offered himself to be contacted directly and he happily answered every question I had with knowledge, patience, and understanding.I recovered well and remain thankful that he walked me so carefully through the entire process, a total of only 3 appointments within 2 weeks: consultation, procedure, follow-up. The results have truly been life-changing, I can really breathe for the first time, my hearing has improved, as has my voice and overall spirit. I wish Dr. Cohen could be my life-long doctor for anything and everything! On top of all of this, the cost was surprisingly affordable for myself, having no insurance. Dr. Cohen is clearly a great man, with a passion for his job and a true calling to help people. His assistant, the allergist, and the entire staff was a pleasure to work with as well. Dr. Cohen is a top of the line doctor whom anyone can undoubtedly trust. Thank you Dr. Cohen!

Jennifer D.

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