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Deviated Septum Repair / Septoplasty

Deviated Septum Repair
This is one of the most common procedures performed to improve nasal obstruction when necessary. The septum is made of bone and cartilage and is the dividing wall between the two nasal passages. Often times it can be deviated to one side or another causing unilateral obstruction or be S-shaped causing bilateral obstruction in patients. (Figure 1) One may be born with these deviations or it can be acquired due to nasal trauma. During a septoplasty no cuts are made on the face but a small incision is made inside the nose and the deviated portions of cartilage and bone are either removed or straightened in order to improve nasal congestion. Often times Dr. Cohen combines this procedure with turbinate reduction surgery to significantly enlarge the nasal passages and improve your breathing. Many patients realize the effects of chronic nasal obstruction in symptoms such as sinus headaches, recurrent sinus infections, significant snoring and sometimes obstructive sleep apnea. At the time of your initial consultation, Dr. Cohen will obtain a complete history of your symptoms and concerns, perform a through physical exam possibly with or without nasal endoscopy, review any CT scans or other images and arrive at a comprehensive treatment plan to address your concerns.

The procedures described above do not affect the shape and look of your nose as they are functional surgeries on the inside of your nose to help you breathe better. However, some patients would like cosmetic changes made to their nose via a rhinoplasty at the same time and this can be accommodated to by Dr. Cohen at your consultation. These changes include dorsal hump removal, fixing a crooked or deviated nose or tip refinement.

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